Restricted and Declarable Substance List

Fossil Group is committed to conducting its business in a way that protects consumers, workers and the environment. Part of our chemical management program includes managing a Restricted and Declarable Substance List (RDSL). The RDSL contains a list of substances that are banned or restricted from use in our products. The objective of this document is to provide a guide to suppliers to ensure they are providing us with safe and legally compliant products. Suppliers are expected to comply with our RDSL standards for the products they supply to Fossil Group.

The RDSL is based on global legislation and regulations. We have also voluntarily included substances that may not be the subject of regulation but which have been identified as potentially hazardous to workers, consumers or the environment. The RDSL applies to all materials, parts, chemicals, components, packaging and other goods sourced or supplied for direct or eventual use in products to be distributed by Fossil Group, including, but not limited to watches, jewelry, leathers, wearables, packaging and other products.

The RSDL was developed and is updated with the help of accredited 3rd party laboratories and other outside experts. The RDSL is not intended to fully cover all the chemicals used in manufacturing. This document focuses on substances most common to our product categories.

The RSDL is subject to update. This version represents the known and applicable standards at the time of publication.

This document was posted 11/15/2023.