Animal Welfare Policy

At Fossil we are committed to the humane treatment of animals. Our main use of animal products is from cow leather that is used in products including handbags, wallets and watch straps. As such, we partner with the Leather Working Group to encourage all suppliers to source from responsible tanneries and make ethical treatment of animals a priority.

We have adopted the following commitments:

Animal Testing

  • Fossil Group does not knowingly source ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Animal Hair, Leather*, Fur

  • Fossil prohibits the use of fur in our products. Hides or skins with hair-on hide that could be converted to leather are not considered fur, such as sheep/lamb (leather, hair-on hides, shearling), cow (leather, hair-on hides), bison, goat, pig and are permitted should they meet all other relevant requirements of this policy.
  • Fossil Group only uses animal hair or leather products that are derived exclusively from animals that are byproducts of food production.
  • Fossil Group will only accept the following animal skins: sheep/lamb (leather, hair-on hides, shearling), cow (leather, hair-on hides), bison, goat, fish and pig.


  • Fossil Group only uses wool derived exclusively from sheep or lamb.
  • Fossil Group does not knowingly use mulesed wool.

Exotic Skins

  • Fossil Group owned brands do not include exotic skin leathers in their product assortments.
  • Fossil Group licensed brands will only use exotic skins in compliance with the CITES Convention and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

* Excluding exotic skins as per our exotic skins policy noted herein.