Factory List

This factory list is representative of 97% of our significant Tier 1 assembly and packaging factories. Prior to partnering with these factories, they sign an agreement that includes a commitment to abide by Fossil’s Manufacturing Code of Conduct and receive training on the Manufacturer’s Code. In addition to a contractual obligation, these suppliers are evaluated through audits conducted by Fossil Group employees and third party audit firms. For those suppliers needing corrective action, Fossil partners with them on remediation and followup. Should a supplier not meet our standards, we may seek to eliminate them from our supply chain.

Factory Name
Product Categories
D’Luxe International Co. Ltd. Leathers
Ventura Leatherware Mfy (CD) Co. Ltd. Leathers
Wah Sun HK Factory (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. Leathers


Factory Name
Product Categories
Ventura Leatherware Mfy (CD) Co. Ltd. Leathers
Horizon Outdoor (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. Leathers
Jun Yip International (Cambodia) Co. Ltd Leathers
Siglo (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. Leathers
Wei Ke Leather (Cambodia) Co. Ltd. Leathers
Guangdong Kaiya (Cambodia) Packaging Technology Co, Ltd. Packaging


Factory Name
Product Categories
Braloba Leather Goods (HZ) Ltd. Smartwatches, Watches, Jewelry
Coming Technologies Ltd. Smartwatches, Watches, Jewelry
Compal Electronics Technology (KunShan) Co. Ltd. Smartwatches
Dalas Timepiece (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Watches
Dong Guan Chang An Kam Hing Watch Products Ltd. Connected Accessories, Watches, Jewelry
Dongguang Multitech Precision Ltd. Watches
Dongguan Poli Industrial Limited Smartwatches, Watches
Dongguan WH Hardware Precision Products Co. Ltd. Mass
Flextronics Manufacturing Zhuhai Co. Ltd. Smartwatches, Watches, Jewelry
Fu Hing Watch Products Manufactory Mass, Watches
Goldhorn Manufactory (Shenzhen) Limited Watches
Guangdong Kaiya Packaging Technology Co. Ltd. Packaging
Guangzhou Decheng Co. Ltd. Jewelry
Hoders (Huizhou) Company Limited Smartwatches, Watches
Huizhou Ko Koon Watch Straps Smartwatches, Watches
King Yuan Craft Products Co. Ltd. Jewelry
Maydiang (Sihong) Leather Co. Ltd. Leathers
Mei Lian Ke Pu Watch Limited Mass, Watches
Mei Shing Watch Products Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Watches, Connected Accessories
Ming Cai Paper Product Co. Packaging
Ningbo Horizon Outdoor Production Co. Ltd. Leathers
Primo Leather Goods Co. Ltd. Leathers, Jewelry
Qi Guang Watch Limited Watches
Qingdao Daejee Metal Co. Ltd. Jewelry
Qingdao Hanshin Art Crafts Co. Ltd. Jewelry
Shen Zhen Odens Watch Company Limited (Wongfa) Watches
Shenzhen Heng Feng Watch Limited Watches
ShenZhen IZZO Technology Limited Smartwatches, Watches, Jewelry
Shenzhen Tiancheng Watch Co. LTD Watches
Shen Zhen Unith Watch Co. Ltd. Mass
SiChuan ChangHong Leather Products Co. Ltd. Leathers
Simula Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Smartwatches
Skywell Watch Co Ltd Watches
Sun Luen Watch (ShenZhen) Company Ltd Mass
Superl Leatherware (Dongguan) Co. Ltd. Leathers
Sweda (Shenzhen) Electronics Co. Ltd. Watches
Swing Watch Factory Watches
Tin Wai Watch Enterprise (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Watches, Connected Accessories
Universe Industry & Development (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Watches
Wui Li Leather Co. Ltd. Watches, Leathers
Wui Ying (Sichuan) Leather Products Leathers
Xinye FengRun Technology Co. Ltd. Watches


Factory Name
Product Categories
Accesorios Globales, S.A. Dba Tata Leathers

Hong Kong

Factory Name
Product Categories
Renley Watch Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Watches


Factory Name
Product Categories
A.V. Thomas Leather & Allied Products Private Ltd.
(Nandambakkam Belt Unit)
Alina Private Ltd. Leathers
Alina Private Ltd. Leathers
Asian Leather Private Limited Leathers
AV Thomas Leather & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd. Leathers
Fossil India PVT. Ltd Watches
Sibrama Newage Smartwatches, Watches


Factory Name
Product Categories
Global Wealth International Co. Ltd. Leathers


Factory Name
Product Categories
Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd Jewelry


Factory Name
Product Categories
Elite Group Ha Noi Co Ltd Jewelry

Last Updated April 2022.