Fossil Group Celebrates Minnie’s Food Pantry

For over eight years, Fossil Group employees have flocked to Minnie’s Food Pantry to make time for good in the Plano and Dallas (North Texas) community. Dr. Cheryl Jackson, Minnie’s founder and changemaker-in-chief, started her award-winning non-profit with a dream: she dreamed that every single person should have the opportunity to live and eat with dignity. It’s this relentless belief in the importance of dignity that’s driven every aspect of Minnie’s through the years—and what’s ultimately allowed them to deliver over 7 million meals to 450,000 people and counting.

Minnie’s determination to eradicate hunger has inspired people across Dallas and beyond, including Oprah Winfrey. Minnie’s Food Pantry celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a gala Tuesday night, during which Winfrey not only delivered the keynote address, but inspired the audience to raise over $1.3 million in additional donations on the spot.

“Not only has Minnie’s made lasting change on the Dallas community, they’ve made an incredible impact on us as a company—and as individuals,” says Steve Evans, Executive Vice President of Fossil Group.

“Dr. Cheryl Jackson and Team Minnie’s are powerful examples of what can be accomplished when we make time for good every day. They are an inspiration to us, and we’re proud to support their ongoing efforts to strengthen our local community.”

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Oprah stops by gala in Texas to support fundraiser for Minnie's Food Pantryimg_9999LiraDesign Studios in Plano Texas handwritten notes for all guests at Minnie's Food Pantry Gala 2018Employees from Fossil Group prepare for Minnie's Food Pantry auction at Gala 2018Janiece Evans Page, head of Global Giving and Sustainability and Steve Evans EVP Fossil Group Owned Brands speak at Minnie's Food Pantry Gala Oprah greets Janiece Evans Page and Steve Evans of Fossil Group on stage at Minnie's Food Pantry Gala 2018

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