Time for Change

The events over the past week have been deeply upsetting. We have watched the news out of Minnesota and around the country and feel a mix of sadness and outrage. The senseless killing of black lives highlights the ongoing injustice and discrimination in our country that should not be happening.

We have a responsibility to unite against racism and social injustice. This starts first with our community of employees to make sure the dialogue is open, encouraging, and productive. We are creating a safe space for hard conversations so that long-overdue change can start to happen. This change takes work and time and we all have an obligation to be accountable and responsible together.

We, as a team and as individuals, are doing the work to educate ourselves on becoming actively involved in driving diversity and inclusion. Actions speak louder than words and we need to work together to plan our next steps forward. We are committed to being better together.

We are learning from our long-standing partners who are on the front line addressing social justice every day including but not limited to the Hetrick Martin Institute, Marcus Graham Project and Big Thought.

We want to use our platforms and resources as a call to action—to listen, learn and think critically—and do what we can to bring more equality and fairness to the world.

On Tuesday, June 2, we will be closing our U.S. stores and online orders will not be shipped. We hope that our community takes the day to reflect and support #BlackOutTuesday.