The New Duet: Emporio Armani & Shawn Mendes

Emporio Armani recently introduced a new generation of touchscreen smartwatches, further expanding the brand’s innovative wearables line — Emporio Armani Connected. Along with the launch of their next generation touchscreen smartwatches, Emporio Armani unveils their fall-winter campaign, featuring renowned singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes. This exciting partnership also now features Mendes as the face of the entire collection!

Emporio Armani Connected’s latest smartwatches feature dynamic styling, the latest evolution of wearable technology and a sleek design that honors the brand’s tradition of precision in watchmaking. The newest functionality includes heart rate tracking, NFC payment technology and GPS distance tracking — keeping customers connected to what matters most to them.

Discover the new smartwatch’s digital technology, striking features and more here.

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