Good for the Planet

We’re taking action to lead the industry in innovation to help revitalize our natural world.

Our Good for the Planet strategic driver is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Design for the Future

We aspire to be part of leading industry-wide change by working towards a circular business model for watches and packaging materials. Our goal is to source and utilize materials that are less resource-intensive as an integral part of product design.

Designing For The Future Goals and Progress
BY 2030 2022 Progress
Achieve 90% traceability of our raw materials to ensure transparency and responsibility within design and supply chains.

We achieved traceability in our leather handbags and small leather goods categories. This represents 10% of our total vendor base and we plan to expand traceability across our remaining product categories.

Roll out our global take-back program.

We rolled out our take-back program in 94% of our full-price Fossil retail stores in our European region. We are using these stores to test and refine practices which will help to inform our global approach.

Use 90% circular packaging (e.g., recyclable and/or reusable) materials.

20% of our packaging is recyclable and/or reusable due to less material and the use of FSC-certified materials.
BY 2040
Design our owned brand products with recycling in mind. Our teams will continue designing to eliminate waste, using materials that are regenerative, recycled, or sourced sustainably, to create products that are more durable, easily repaired, or recyclable. 30% of our owned brand products and packaging utilize less resource-intensive (FSC-certified) materials.

Leaving a Light Footprint

Nations around the world are increasingly working to address climate change through international agreements, from the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement, and they have been vital in emphasizing the enormity of the issue as well as the importance of collaborations. We delivered millions of fashion products around the world. The watches along with jewelry, leather goods, and accessories, used a wide range of natural resources — resources that we must use responsibly. Our current goals focus on driving better efficiency in resource consumption, minimizing waste, and providing greater transparency around product stewardship.

Leaving A Lighter Footpring Goals and Progress
BY 2025 2022 Progress
Reduce 30% of Scope 1 & 2 absolute emissions (2021 baseline). Absolute emissions of the Scope 1 & 2 dropped 19.7% from the 2021 baseline.*
Double the adoption % of clean energy of the facilities operated by the Fossil and Tier 1 suppliers (2021 baseline) The usage of clean energy was increased to 20.2% of the total consumption in 2022. We are on track to meet our 2025 goal.*
Engage 100% of our direct suppliers to meet the water stewardship policy set by Fossil Group. >81% of direct suppliers were engaged through our online workshops in 2022.
BY 2030
Reduce 85% of the Scope 1 & 2 absolute emissions (2021 baseline) Implemented digital platform to improve the efficiency of energy data monitoring.*
Reduce 30% of the product-related carbon intensity (2021 baseline) Identified the opportunities of decarbonizing the product footprint.*
Reduce 20% of water intensity of key products (2021 baseline) Studied the water footprint of watches.

By 2040

Achieve Net-Zero GHG emissions by 2040 Prepare to have the near-term and long-term goals validated by SBTi.*
Reduce 50% of water intensity of key products (2021 baseline) On track with the near-term milestones.

*Please refer to the 2022 Fossil Group Carbon Accounting Brief for additional information.

Partners in Purpose

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