Good for Communities

We champion our employees to be a force for good in and alongside the communities we belong to globally.

Our Good for Communities strategic driver is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Enhancing Communities

We encourage employees to share their time and voice to be changemakers within their local communities. Enhancing communities is a team effort, which is why we are committed to providing opportunities for all employees to engage their local communities and for Fossil customers to contribute towards the mission of Fossil Foundation.

Enhanching Communities Goals and Progress
BY 2023 2022 Progress
All employees have access to community engagement programs and opportunities All regional offices support community engagement efforts and 28% of employees are registered on our Make Time for Good engagement platform.
BY 2025
Positively impact 5 million young lives through Fossil Foundation. Over 6.5 million young lives have been impacted globally.

Empowering Women and Girls

We are proud that women make up over 60% of our global workforce. Their strength and passion to make a difference inspire us to do even more to empower women and girls. We seek to amplify the power and impact of women inside and outside of our four walls. When we constructed the Make Time for Good strategy, we wanted to formalize our commitment to being a leader in women’s empowerment. Our efforts focus on strategic partnerships with organizations that provide mentorship and engagement opportunities to empower more women and girls.

Empowering Women and Girls Goals and Progress
BY 2023 2022 Progress
Over 50% of Fossil Group and Fossil Foundation investments support women and girls. We continue to partner with organizations that serve women, girls, and gender expansive youth. 59% of Fossil Foundation beneficiaries identify as women, girls, or gender expansive youth.
BY 2025
Be among the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP)’s top 25% for women’s empowerment and score 75% or above on the WEP’s Gender Gap Analysis Tool. We scored 74% on the Women’s Empowerment Principles Gender Gap Analysis Tool.
Engage employees in global and local mentorship opportunities for women and girls. We expanded our global partnerships to allow employees to virtually mentor and encourage women around the world. We continue to offer ongoing regional opportunities as well.

Partners in Purpose

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