Skagen Launches Sustainable Collection and Unveils Partnerships With Save the Waves and CLED® For Earth Month

Skagen is proud to announce a new sustainable mission statement critical to its brand ethos: “Skagen. Sustainability for People and Planet.” In conjunction with this and in honor of Earth Month, the brand is proud to debut three new watches and jewelry collections sourced with more sustainable materials. 

Skagen also announced partnerships with Save the Waves Coalition — an international nonprofit that collaborates with diverse organizations dedicated to protecting surf ecosystem — and CLED — a jewelry brand that uses discarded resources like glass bottles and repurposes them into new treasured objects to reduce the environmental impact that doesn’t sacrifice quality or design. 

The newest sustainable collection, Grenen Ocean Collection, is designed with #tide ocean material®—which upcycles ocean-bound plastic waste and transforms it into a premium second-life raw material—showcases the brand’s overall innovation and commitment to a more responsible form of production. Skagen’s Grenen Ocean Limited Edition watch will release in tandem with a minimum $25,000 donation to Save The Waves Coalition in 2022.