Skagen Announces Newest Sustainability Watch Collection Grenen Solar

Today Skagen announced their newest sustainable collection – Grenen Solar – that further supports its commitment to have 100% of traditional watches contain sustainable materials such as solar-powered movements, recycled stainless steel, eco-leather, or ocean plastic by 2025.

The Grenen Solar collection incorporates timeless, iconic design details, eco-friendly materials like a solar-powered movement, and at least 50% recycled stainless steel. The solar-powered movement allows the wearer to charge their watch in any light—natural or artificial.

“Being a leader in sustainability requires constant evolution, and the latest version of the Grenen Solar is our best to date.” says Selena Delk, Vice President of Skagen brand. “The Danish DNA and thoughtful design that made Grenen an icon remains intact, but the addition of the solar movement elevates it to the next level.”

Skagen is on a mission to be the world-class watch and jewelry leader in sustainability. Learn more about the Grenen Solar and Skagen’s sustainability journey at and read the full press release below.