Fossil Group Leader Recognized For Social Innovation and Community Impact

Ebony Announces Its 2018 “Power 100” line-up celebrating the most inspiring and influential leaders of color who are impacting and shaping our world.

Fossil Group’s Vice President of Global Philanthropy and Sustainability, Janiece Evans-Page, is named as an Ebony “Power 100” honoree, a list that recognizes brilliant Crusaders, Disruptors, Entrepreneurs and Innovators who have made a significant impact in creating movements, changing culture and bettering society.

“This diverse list of talented leaders provides the perfect example of how everyone can show up in their own way and truly make a positive difference by inspiring others, changing systems and doing work that matters. I’m thrilled to collaborate with Fossil Group leaders and changemakers who share my value and commitment to make the biggest impact we can. This is only the beginning for us!”Janiece Evans-Page

To learn more about Ebony’s “Power 100” and explore the ways in which others, like Janiece, are making an impact in today’s social landscape, visit:

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