Creative Class: Meet Alex

We are proud of our strong company culture rooted in collaboration and innovation. This special series highlights the creativity of our employees on and off the clock.

Alex Anderes. Manager of Communications and Engagement. Furniture Restoration Artist.

Alex has been with Fossil on our People Improvement team for over ten years, truly soaking in the rich, vintage-inspired culture of the company. By day, he leads the events team, managing, planning and executing employee events—allowing him to work with our Fossil people all over the world.

By night, Alex respectfully restores and reinvents mid-century furniture in his spare time. His passion is honoring the piece—celebrating where it has been and what it has seen. He makes a point to imagine not only what it once was, but what it can be again.

I get a real buzz out of restoring mid-century furniture.
It’s my jam, I guess!Alex Anderes

Alex not only prides himself in refinishing the pieces, he loves repurposing them as well. He even has some old Fossil fixtures and warehouse shelving that have been transformed into perfect living room pieces. Along with frequenting garage sales, estate sales, auctions and going on the occasional dumpster dive, Alex has developed a keen eye for curbside items awaiting bulk pick up. His home now contains a number of treasures acquired by beating the city truck pick-up schedule. Just the idea of pouring blood, sweat and tears into a project that has 60+ years of stories to tell motivates him, and often results in a one-of-a-kind trophy.

Alex recounts his childhood memories and his father’s favorite saying, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to,” as sources of inspiration for this passion. When his Dad toiled over a solid oak, 1920′s ice chest, he couldn’t help but lend a hand. At just five years old, he applied stain to the wood (what he calls “the most rewarding and transformational step in the process”), and he knew he was hooked.

With mid-century design at the core of the Fossil brand, Alex considers himself fortunate to be surrounded by the aesthetic he loves every day. He calls it his own “double whammy.” Luckily, here at Fossil we know a thing or two about the places inspiration can take us.

Fossil Group  | Alex Anderes | Furniture RestorerFossil Group  | Alex Anderes | Furniture RestorerFossil Group  | Alex Anderes | Furniture RestorerFossil Group  | Alex Anderes | Furniture RestorerFossil Group  | Alex Anderes | Furniture Restorer

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