Making an Impact: Abhi Kris

We’re proud of our employees who come to work every day to make an impact. This story features one of our talented engineers who is helping to pioneer the next generation of wearable tech.

Meet Abhi Kris, a Senior Firmware Engineer on the Connected Devices Group (CDG) working in the heart of Burlingame, CA. Known to all as the voice of firmware, he constructs the firmware architecture that supports the digital experience of our brands.

What attracted you to Fossil Group?

The engineering team! I love their energy and find my team competent, driven and smart. They challenge me in fun ways. They are incredibly generous and, most of all, have a great sense of humor.

How are you making an impact by pioneering the future of wearable technology?

I do believe we are at the forefront of a technological evolution for fashion accessories. The hybrid story is starting to be written and we’ve probably just written the prologue. The technology and user interactions we’re designing will define how we relate to our fashion, accessories and, in turn, our world.

“We’re striving to solve challenging technical questions that would enable incredible technology for almost anyone in the world.”Abhi

What engineering skills have you developed or improved upon at Fossil Group?

I’m learning how to manage technical architecture whose changes could affect hundreds of thousands of devices, as well as designing and re-designing it to an even larger scale. I’m also developing my skill set under experts in design, UX, UI, mechanical, electrical, program management, fashion etc.

How does your team support you to grow in your field and produce your best work?

We are all broad thinkers who not only dive deep into technical topics, but also understand work from a wider perspective. This is extremely helpful when I bring my team product and design challenges. We find realistic and achievable solutions while creating the best technology possible for our products.

Why should people come to work for Fossil?

This is a company that is completely re-inventing itself. Everything is new, and there’s so much talent here. We’re striving to solve challenging technical questions that would enable incredible technology for almost anyone in the world. As engineers, we are enabling technology that puts a little bit of magic back in everyone’s life.

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