Creative Class: Meet Megan

We are proud of our strong company culture rooted in collaboration and innovation. This special series highlights the creativity of our employees on and off the clock.

Megan Jackson Stoffer. Photography Stylist Manager. Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Hip Chixs.

During the day, Megan is a photography stylist in the Fossil Group photo studio at the Richardson home office. She spends her on-the-clock hours building sets and styling products to create the imagery for Fossil and our Portfolio brands. Over the past few years, Megan has focused all of her spare time on her Creative Class business, Hip Chixs, a premium denim company that she co-created with fellow Baylor University alum and best friend, Aimee Urista.

Intrigued by all of the buzz we’ve been hearing, we asked Megan a few questions to get to know her and Hip Chixs a little better.

How did you get started and what was your original inspiration?

I met Aimee in college and we dreamed about having our own denim line one day. Our original inspiration was to make a jean that would be comfortable for all occasions—to dress up and down. We wanted to make sure our design fixed all the typical fit complaints when wearing jeans, like stretch-out prevention.

After fashion design school and various creative jobs in the industry (all of which have been essential to our line), we finally decided to make it happen. Aimee and I booked a flight out to Los Angeles, shopped different vendors, interviewed boutiques and engaged lines we loved to help us get started.

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Fossil Group Photography Stylist Megan Jackson StofferFossil Group Photography Stylist Megan Jackson StofferFossil Group Photography Stylist Megan Jackson StofferFossil Group Photography Stylist Megan Jackson StofferFossil Group Photography Stylist Megan Jackson Stoffer

How have your Creative Class business and your photo stylist career aligned?

Both have required ample focus, talent and attention to detail. It’s always important for me to have a game plan, whether I’m designing or styling, especially since confidence is a huge part of business.

What are some successes you’ve had with your Creative Class business?

Hip Chixs has been fortunate to have had a lot of fun exposure and publicity. We were on Good Morning Texas and have been featured in a few local news station stories. We’ve been mentioned in People Magazine’s Style Watch, Daily Candy and Lolo Blog, to name a few. We had a primetime debut a few years ago on Season 4 of Shark Tank.

Also, HipChixs just branched out into more categories of product with tees and totes featuring the new J logo.

What are some tips/techniques you can share that crossover between being an entrepreneur and a photo stylist?

I like to keep it real and not overwork anything. When it comes to designing, I like to use real people as our fit models and work the details around real body shapes and types. On set I use a similar approach to styling by letting product be more natural so it doesn’t look forced.

Confidence is a huge part of business.

When you were a child, did you know what you wanted to do?

My goodness, no. I was a tomboy. We lived in San Antonio near an old quarry and it was the perfect playground to dig foxholes and explore. After I grew out of that, I wanted to be a singer and I entered talent shows. I had many aspirations before I found that I loved design and fashion.

Where would you go in a time machine?

I would love to go back to the twenties and experience the fashion, music and lifestyle of the flapper era. If only I could learn to do makeup and hair the way they did!

Find your perfect fit and see Megan’s great denim designs on the HipChixs website.

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