Creative Class: Meet Laura

We are proud of our strong company culture rooted in collaboration and innovation. This special series highlights the creativity of our employees on and off the clock.

Laura Spindler. Photo Art Director. Mom’s Buns Owner and Baker Extraordinaire.

During the week, Laura spends her days as a Photo Art Director, working closely with our portfolio of brands. She concepts, designs and art directs photography and marketing materials, ensuring each brand creates a lasting impression with customers.

On the weekends, Laura puts her branding expertise to use nurturing a slightly different brand: her very own bake shop, Mom’s Buns Bakery. Here she also strives to make a lasting impression—only this time, on the taste buds of her friends and local customers.

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Mom’s Buns Bakery was born from Laura’s great-grandmother Alice, an Iowa native. Alice pioneered a family recipe for delicious buns, which throughout the decades achieved the sentimental title “mom’s buns.” Ever since Laura can remember, her family has enjoyed the buns on every big occasion. In recent years Laura has always been the one tasked with making “mom’s buns”—receiving help and recollections from her grandmother Grace along the way.

Baking has always been a place of zen for Laura—whether it’s while she’s making buns or other treats for family and friends. Her family has always used food as a catalyst for fellowship, and she loved the idea that the bread she prepared and served helped others to do the same thing. Enter Mom’s Buns Bakery.

Though the bakery has always been in the back of Laura’s mind, the idea truly came to life last year when the Cottage Food Law was amended to allow home bakers the opportunity to sell their product at farmers markets. She immediately began testing recipes—with her more-than-willing guinea-pig coworkers—and developed an extended selection of “Mom’s Buns” that have all been built from the legendary base recipe. Today’s list includes: Mom’s (the original), Honey Buns, Salty Buns, Sweet & Salty Buns, Cinnamon Buns, Monkey Buns, Cocoa Buns and Hot Buns. She also creates a seasonal menu that offers exciting monthly flavors including: Blueberry Streusel, Fig and Goat Cheese and Apple Gouda.

Laura admits that being an Art Director makes the branding part pretty easy, especially when creating a unique display. Also, it doesn’t hurt that their family-made name, “mom’s buns,” is quite effective in catching people off guard and giving them a giggle or two. However, just like in her day-to-day work, Laura knows it’s not just about a catchy name, it’s about believing in her product and delivering a special experience to her customer.

You can find Laura and Mom’s Buns Bakery at the White Rock Local Market and Vickery Meadow Local Market on select weekends.

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