We’re here to create the biggest impact we can, in the way only we can.

We’re harnessing the strength of our over 10,000 global employees to make the world better. This means bringing our one-of-a-kind mix of passion, skills and experience into play to create the kind of lasting change only we can make.

Discover how we’re approaching our work in the framework below:

Fossil Group Sustainability

Good for the planet
Good For Our People

“Our people speak up, stand up and show up for the things they care about. They’re committed to making an impact—and this is only the beginning.”

—Janiece Evans-Page
Head of Global Philanthropy and Sustainability

Our Sustainable Way

we’re on a journey

We’re never going to be perfect, but we’ll be upfront and honest about how we do business.

We’re Inclusive

We’re committed to inclusive business practices—ensuring our global operations make a positive impact on people, communities,
and the environment.

We’re Engaged

Our employees champion our sustainability efforts worldwide and drive us to make lasting positive change.

Help Us Do Better

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