Doing What Matters Most

We’re on a mission to make an impact. And this means focusing our efforts on what matters most. To do this, we’ve consulted the experts and created a strategy supporting the UN sustainable development goals. We’re committed to driving shareholder value and bringing lasting change to our world—and we’re all in.

How We Know What Matters

How We Know What Matters Most

In 2015, we worked with BSR (a global nonprofit business network and consultancy dedicated to sustainability) to align our strategy with the Global Reporting Index and identify our most relevant sustainability issues. The diagram below shows our greatest opportunities, including our strategic priorities in the upper right-hand quadrant.

Designing the Solution

We’re tackling our priorities through our enterprise-wide sustainability program focusing on Empowering People, Doing More With Less and Enhancing Communities. Our efforts support the UN 2030 sustainable development goals—we’re striving to be a part of the global solution for a more sustainable world.